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Minerador is a startup from Florianópolis, an innovative city in the south of Brazil known as Silicon Island.

We are rethinking the way the telecom market should work and developing the tools to make it more agile, clear and user-friendly. Meanwhile, we've also been able to reduce costs for carriers and telecom resellers.

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What we expect from you?

No Bullshit!

No Bullshit!You favor facts over feelings and you're not afraid to take a stand or accept when you are wrong.


PassionThose who care give their best. Period.

Focus on results

Focus on resultsYou manage your schedule, no dress code, just make sure to deliver


Challenge-drivenWe build new technology to make people's lives better, we want you to be a part of this.


BraveryYes, people always tell us we're insane and that's what makes us go further

Thick Skin

Thick SkinYou see a joke as an oportunity for a clever comeback and a tool for team bonding

What should you expect from us?


TeamOur top priority is to create an amazing place to work. We have the best guys out there to develop great stuff


MentoringWe help you sharpen your skills and you may also be able to teach us one thing or two


BarbecueYeahh! We're also meat-beer-driven. If you enjoy some of these, you've just found home


MoneyEverybody has bills to pay right?
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Ruby Backend Developer

We like what we do, so we build tools to do it better.
Our Backend is no small feat, we process data like crazy, the backend exists to make data easy to understand and navigate. All those phone bills gotta be easy right? The beauty is that the Backend is a JSON API, covered by tests. All linked through continuous integration and delivery, git pushes like they should be.
Our stack for the API: Ruby on Rails, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, Docker & AWS.
We expect mastery of problem deconstruction, design patterns, clean code, TDD/BDD, hacking skills, discipline, respect, willpower and drive.
If you are a fast learner, have discipline, respect, and value your creations, this is your spot.

Your Responsabilities
  • Deliver solid features on a well structured Ruby on Rails application, integrating with an AngularJS FrontEnd through JSON
  • Delivered != Deployed
  • Features are Delivered when we can measure their success
  • Every feature must be tested, every valuable user action must be measured.
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Frontend Developer

You gotta know your Javascript, HTML & CSS, but experience with frameworks is not a must, we fix their weak spots anyway, so we'll teach you to master them.
We have a Ruby API Backend, and AngularJS on the FrontEnd, JSON is the data format.
If you are a fast learner, have discipline, respect, and value your creations, this is your spot.

Your Responsabilities
  • Deliver solid features on a well structured AngularJS application, integrating with a JSON backend
  • Improve your own skills
  • Contribute to OpenSource, or write about your job, like a great scientist does
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Customer Services and Development Intern

We need someone to help us keep on charming our customers!

  • Do you enjoy the feeling of helping someone? (Gotta make sure our customers reach their goals!)
  • Are you thick-skinned and patient enough to handle the challenges of our market? (This ain't no walk in the park!)
  • Would you go the extra mile to make sure the customer gets the attention and effort he/she needs? (The server being down is no excuse for not solving their problem!)
  • Could you answer all that with a smile on your face? (Our vibe has always been a happy one, that has to go through to our customers!)
If you feel like you can handle the responsibility, great! We have even more for you to do.
According to your background and interests, you'll be presented with challenges from other areas of the company (e.g. Sales, Customer Success, Customer Development, Dev). That way you'll be able to learn and develop your skills in many fronts.

Your Responsabilities
  • Man our online support chat, answering live tickets from our users
  • Solve first level problems and doubts, analyze and direct more advanced bugs and issues to our Dev team
  • Keep our support rating high (we're currently at 98% Great or Excellent reviews in the past 6 months!)
  • Be on the look for opportunities to make your job easier, our job easier, and the customer experience better - Automate!
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Head of UX and Design

On this role, you will be working directly with ou Product Owner (PO) and with our customers, delivering coded (HTML+CSS) designs for the product team to integrate within our product code.
In our development process, your job is key. Your designs will guide all the work for our product team to launch new features and update existing ones.
It is very important that you feel comfortable talking to customers and users to learn about what they need, and extract the essence from these interactions so you can design and code it into something feasible, always focusing in delivering true value.
This is no simple job, we are looking for a mix between people skills, design skills and coding skills.
If you think this is your cup of tea, please contact us so we can talk more about the role and how can we work together.

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